The Road to Grimsea Watch, and Beyond….

After about half an hour of diplomacy, during which I somehow managed to find 3 crafting quests that I had missed when I did the Artisan’s Saga, I got bored. I’m in it for the adventure! I can handle the crafting, but diplomacy is something I’m just not ready to deal with. I abandoned all my quests, made a level1 orc alt and started him at his home city instead of IoD so I knew where I was headed, logged back on Raitaro, took the riftway to Tomb of Lord Sang, after a quick google search found me this map so I could plot my course to the glory awaiting a lowly Orcish Ranger.

So I trek off towards Grimsea Watch, not realizing that I could have taken a rift there at pretty much any time. About halfway there on foot, a trek of some 10 minutes, including a 2 minute swim across the English Channel, I run into Shang Village – the human starting area. Of course i can’t resist taking a peek can I? I’m soon engrossed in figuring out the newbie quests of Sang Village, and spend the next hour or so being suitably impressed by quest chains which appear to reward identical or equivalent to IoD rewards, as well as discovering that it is possible to get the Bracelet of Lucky Charms here, in this racial starting area, and not only on the IoD as I had been led to believe from my reading up on the new tutorial area.

Of course, this mildly interesting diversion isn’t getting me to Grimsea Watch any sooner, so I trek off again and eventually find my way to my destination. I’m immediately dissapointed. I can find only 1 quest in Grimsea Watch itself, and it’s level 3, there are no other quest areas that I can find any closer than Veenax Garrison – where I load up on 2 more quests and a diplomacy quest, all level 5 quests.

I can’t help but wonder why it is that I can’t find a quest hub as well done as the IoD or Shang Village, but ultimately attribute the rugged questing environment for Orcs as a proving grounds for military recruits. I find myself clearing out local pests, then facing a trial by combat in Fanx Caverns, assisting a local shaman in Gaxton Village, before finally finding myself rather dazed and confused, and entering the City of Martok. I find myself grabbing crafting and diplomacy quests which end up leading me to more adventure quests, which lead me to more crafting and diplomacy quests. It seems like a sparse questing environment at first glance, but I see it as a complex interwoven pattern – a story told only by doing all three quest lines as they cross each others’ paths.

As I log out of Vanguard today, I find myself pleasantly surprised at the wealth of questing in all 3 spheres, even in a remote and seemingly overlooked racial starting area like Grimsea Watch. I wonder what Martok has in store for Scout Raitaro of Martok, the 12Ranger/10Blacksmith/6Diplomat?


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