A Need for Heroes and On to Ca`ial Brael

On to Ca`ial Brael is the name of the level4 diplomacy quest that sends me across the continent of Kojan to the Wood Elf city of Tawar Galan on my intrepid Orc Ranger Raitaro, while I’m still somewhat iffy with diplomacy, I decide to go for it. Upon completion the reward is a horse, identical to the one I got on the IoD. However, the person I receive this reward from is a horse vendor, who gladly sells me a Dark Gray horse, one of several stylish choices, for 12 silver and 50 copper.

Did I mention that I took a rift to get from Wildgrowth Forest to Jalen’s crossing to cover about two-thirds of my journey? The Rift Keeper at Wildgrowth told me that apparently, there’s A Need for Heroes – in 4 different places. I accepted all the quests, which are really just pointers, simply because the reward for the pointer quest is a 10% xp boost pie. I recall, and being bound near Martok City proper, I find my way to the forges, where I meet a nice Orc lady named Kimak who let’s me specialise as a weaponsmith. Then I make myself a snazzy little blade.


By this time i’m getting bored with the Martok quests. It feels like I’m doing the broken remnants of what was once a great quest chain. Almost as if there was a revamp, which was implemented when it was about halfway finished, but then got scrapped before it was complete. So, with some trepidation I abandon my Martok quests, but keep the Need for Heroes quests. After all, 10% xp boost pie! Besides, everyone knows the Cake is a Lie, right? Unable to completely abandon my Orcish roots, I retain the quests from Wildgrowth forest, and start working on those.

I also retain some pointer quests that go to Ranger and Crafting trainers, might as well collect free xp and silver on my way to find adventures and glory elsewhere after I finish with Wildgrowth Forest. There’s also a pointer quest to Gulgrethor Fortress which I find. It’s red, and marked as level15 in my log, on the map Gulgrethor Fortress is a level12-15 area, and i’m guessing it’s a dungeon. Might as well hang onto this quest too.

Wildgrowth proves to be a well made, although small, questhub. The scenery is gorgeous, reminding me of my local Cascade Mountains at times. There prove to only be a few quests however, and these are rather easy to solo. I’m soon on my way to Khenvor with a pointer quest after finishing the quests at the Wildgrowth Forest hub.

Khenvor itself, turns out to be pretty fun. I piss off some necromancers and get turned into a rat at the end, but essentially Khenvor is a city ruled by the devious Clan Gulgrethor, and as a memebr of Clan Martok it is my duty to cast honor aside and infiltrate this town to gain information for my war leaders. Mostly i run errands for some self-important Goblin bean counter, and poke around at the behest of another Clan Martok agent whose cover is apparently already blown.

Somewhere in this period of time I get rewarded these snazzy gloves, I’m hoping they are the first of several pieces in a new set of gear, we’ll just have to follow this through and see now won’t we?


All in all not a bad run, leveled to 13 and gained a few upgrades, 3 of my IoD set pieces are now taking up space in appearance slots so I don’t look all patch-work.


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