Altitis strikes when you least expect it

I usually follow this pattern in MMORPGs – the race/class combo I made first is the class that suits me best, and I spend my first several months playing a new game fiddling with alts before ultimately going back to my first choice anyway. So it’s no surprise to me that I find myself at the character creation screen again.

Enter Trimdet: The Raki Paladin whom I send to his home city instead of IoD. This is when I discover that the Raki, a Kojani race, get sent to Shang Village. And if the Raki do…. So I delete Trimdet, reroll him as an Orc Paladin. Sure enough, Orcs start out in Shang Village as well. If I had to guess, I’d say that the devs merged the racial questlines together into continental hubs at some point when the Vanguard population was dwindling, most likely in an effort to bring the few remaining players together and stave off server merges temporarily.

Trimdet makes it to level5, but I still feel that the Shang Village quest lines aren’t as well done as the IoD. Besides, by this time I’ve decided i don’t much care for Paladin flavoring, Sword and Board is meh. Also, it struck me that Orcs shouldn’t be allowed to be Paladins, and a quick check at shows me that I am correct – Sony must have opened up race/class combos completely with the freemium model shift.

Enter Grelleth. My Orc Dread Knight. Interesting flavor to the class. I decide to be a bit slower on the isle with him, grab all three sagas at once, maybe actually finish the diplomacy saga this time around. He makes it to Sun Village before I log off. I’ll try and remember to cover that Temple run in detail when I get to it, but I plan on not going until I’m ready for the temple part of all three spheres: crafting, diplomacy and adventure.

Crafting bores me, Diplomacy frustrates me, Adventuring keeps me excited enough to push all three spheres anyway. It’s like reading a novel, for example. Now imagine having 3 novels, Set in the same place, at the same time, with the same characters. Each novel has a different plot, and you can see a much bigger story when you read all 3. That’s how the questing and lore in the world of Telon is: Crafting, Diplomacy and Adventuring all tell part of the story, and it’s far more interesting to know the whole story, than just one or two parts of it.


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