Random Musings on Vanguard

A few things I’ve considered as I’ve played Vanguard these past few days:

The freemium model is rather good for an SoE game, offering more to free players than their other titles, but I still rank the SoE freemium model far below that of Turbine with Lord of the Rings Online and even Dungeons & Dragons Online. With no in-game way to earn Station Cash, Sony forces the player to spen d cash in one way or another, either with a subscription, or by paying for gear, bag slot, race and class unlocks.

The content depresses me. From what I remember, combined with my observations, each race used to have a cohesive starting area, now each continent has a quickly assembled, sometimes incomplete-feeling, quest chain which is blown away by the efficency of the Isle of Dawn starting area. The thing is, separate racial starting areas, with their own quest lines, are what made Norrath such a huge world when I played EverQuest, and I feel that Telon has lost something with Vanguard’s continental or tutorial isle starting areas. The world feels much smaller than it actually is, and I believe that’s to the detriment of the player.

Ah well, back to Martok on Raitaro


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