I’m a great one for going back to something that I’ve previously abandoned and finishing it up. Unfortunately for me, there is no going back to the IoD in order to finish the Diplomacy saga there. So, of course, I just had to reroll Raitaro. 6 hours later I find myself a level 7 ranger, level 6 artificer and level 4 diplomat. The IoD diplomacy chain is still rather annoying to me, but my experience with various diplomacy quests in the greater world tells me that I’ll have an easier time with diplomacy quests that are a level or two below me, but at level ones will be rather difficult.

I’ll stick it out and chronicle my temple experience for the blog of course. Oh yes, I almost forgot. Turn’s out I was missing something when I tried the old starter area quests. I found this page over at vanguard.wikia.com which shows where the old racial quest lines ACTUALLY start. I’ll add that to my list of to do’s for after I leave the IoD. Or maybe I’ll reroll Grelleth and see about doing all those quests on him with a home city starting option.


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