Fortune Favors Procrastinators.

Now, I’ve never had much faith in SoE’s ability to have a decent freemium system. Their EverQuest and EverQuest2 freemium systems seem haphazard at best, especially when compared to other, successful, freemium games such as LoTRO and DDO. So imagine my surprise, as I’m bullshitting in general chat on the good ol’ IoD, when someone mentions that Vanguard changed their freemium system, removing the majority of the f2p restrictions.


You can see the announcement here, and the f2p/premium comparison grid here.

Basic summary: All races and classes are now free to level55(Justifying my utter procrastination in unlocking the race/class combos I was using, see I knew it’d be cheaper than 1000sc to unlock orc rangers at some point!). As a matter of fact, Premium now seems like a convenience option more than anything. Discounts on travel, repair and broker fees. The only gameplay-altering change I see between f2p and premium is gear limitations – and if there are gear unlockers in the Marketplace(something I need to check out now, I’m assuming it’s probably had a radical overhaul as well) even that only changes the leveling game, as a player can just purchase gear unlockers for their best in slot dungeon  and/or raid gear and deal with being slightly underpowered until they get those drops. I forsee raid tanks all being subscribers, at least until they have all their BiS items.

Yeah, Vanguard just got upgraded from ‘experiment’ to “I wanna see how cool this game is”.

Kudos to Sony on what is now the most awesome free to play system on the market. Even Smedtard deserves his share of the credit for this, now if only he could stop ruining EQ1 for the first time since 2005….


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