Dam Dwarves!

First off, as Ockene mentioned in his blog, Three Rivers looks a helluva lot like Ireland. An image reinforced by the large number of leprechauns, I mean Dwarves, in the area. I, of course, am rather horrid at remembering to take screenshots, but I wrapped up pretty much every soloable quest in the area, and leveled to 14 on my Dread Knight Grelleth.

I did remember to stop by and take a screenshot of the Dam Dwarves, and here it is:


Having run out of solo quests in the area, i think I’ll head off elsewhere next. I’ve been told of two quest chains that reward a solid amount of gear and xp: Hunter’s League, which starts in Qa Riverbank, and URT(United Races of Thestra), which starts in Renton Keep. More later.


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