Hunter’s League, Part 1

I headed off to Qa Riverbank on Grelleth, fully intending to knock out all of the Hunter’s League quests in a day. Boy, was I in for a surprise. The first two quests were rather simple, requiring drops from 2-dot mobs, in areas full of 2-dot mobs. They were marked as level12 (small group) in my journal, but my level15 Dread Knight easily tore through them solo. I even did a few extra quests that were in the same area as the Hunter’s League quests. The third quest was in Ksaravi Gulch, it gave me a run for my money, and I leveled almost to 17 while doing it.

That third quest, for the Hunter’s league bracers, deserves a bit of attention. First off i needed 15 lizardman fangs. These drop off level15-18 3-dot lizardmen, I only got drops from Warriors and Villagers, and they were an uncommon to rare drop. Fighting 3-dots my level or higher was a learning experience, I quickly learned how to fear kite(Abyssal  chains, Frighten, bow spam or chase and melee), but still had a number of less-than-glorious deaths. Secondly, I needed 15 snapper shells. These weren’t much of a challenge, dropping from 2-dot level15 turtles, however I only saw them drop off of snappers on the beach, and in the water, in a small stretch ranging from the edge of the Lizardman village, to the giant turtle carcass a ways down the beach. The same exact mobs, in other parts of the area, did not seem to drop the shells. Snapper shells were also an uncommon drop.

All in all the first two quests, for belt and boots, took me perhaps an hour, including the time I spent doing side quests in the same area. But the third quest, for bracers, took me almost 2 hours.

Nevertheless, I received some snazzy rewards, and I’m looking forward to working on the Hunter’s League chain further in the near future.



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