Hunters League, part 2 & Claim Items

I returned to Telon on Grelleth, and headed off to work on the next quest in the Hunter’s League chain titled “In Search of More”. This quest seemed to take forever, the Manticores weren’t too bad – being 2dot mobs, but the Manticore Barbs I needed 15 of were a rare drop. The 15 Lasher Hides I needed took much longer to acquire. Lashers were level17 3dot mobs, and I leveled to 17 and gained half of a level just from killing these for the uncommon drop hides. Finally, after another 2 hours of questing I obtained my reward:


I guess, if we’re going to classify things properly we should say that Part 1 of the Hunter’s League chain consists of the belt and boots, from the two quests in Qa Riverbank; and Part 2 consists of the bracers and gloves, from the two quests in Ksaravi Gultch.  I headed over to Skrillen Point, and picked up the next quest in the chain “Moving on Up”(which I mentally sang “To the East Side” immediately following). Immediately I noticed that, while up to this point the Hunter’s League rewards were blue items, the reward for the next quest in the chain was a yellow item. Since yellows cannot be equipped except with either a Subscription or the use of gear unlockers, purchased from the Marketplace, I decided to take a break from the Hunter’s League chain at this point until I level a bit further.

Before logging off I claimed my rewards from the marketplace claim items section. As I mentioned when I started this blog, I had bought Vanguard many years back and thus had a snazzy bag I was able to claim. Surprisingly, since Orange items are higher quality than Yellows, my snazzy new bag did not require a gear unlocker or Subscription to use.


Innate 10% run speed increase? Smexy.


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