Making the Most of your Freemium Vanguard experience.

So, considering that I’m playing a game which you can play for free, but with restrictions which are removable by the application of Market items, it occurs to me that I should probably be making a spreadsheet. Hell, I’ll recommend one for every free player of a freemium model MMO. A subscription costs 15 dollars a month. You get all sorts of unlocked features, and 500 bonus SC per month. So, if you’re going to be a free player – make sure it doesn’t cost you more than 15 dollars a month.

I’d recommend getting a walmart gamecard your first month, just for starters. That’ll give you 2000 Station Cash to get started up on. Buy some item unlockers, and bank your remaining SC. Sell the lockboxes you find as drops – I’ve been getting 10g or so per lockbox, and I’ve made almost 2 plat from market sales already. The gear unlockers(which are the only item from the market you really need as a freemium player) are sold by other players, so you can spend maybe 1000sc on gear unlockers, and from this point on buy them with profits from Marketplace sales.


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