Ooh Shiny! Part 1 (Hunter’s League pt3a and URT pt1)

So, yeah, I’m a good Orc. In the WoW /silly sense of having “Ooh, Shiny!” Syndrome. As such, I had a rather busy day in Telon. First off, last night and today I did some serious quest grinding on Grelleth. I got some shinies. I broke down and bought some Station Cash, and I got item unlockers in the store. I did the first two quests in the URT questline, for bracers and gloves, out of Renton Keep – these quests became available to me at level16 and kept me occupied for quite some time. Each quest having 5 separate subquests to do. I’m a big fan of this quest line so far, and I think the “Surprise! Drudgery!” is an integral part of the experience, so I’m not providing spoilers for this one. Suffice it to say that you should clear about an hour off your schedule for each one. In the end, I got these items, which were upgrades from the Hunter’s League wrist and hand slot items.

URTbracers   URTgloves

Then I knocked out the next 2 Hunter’s League quests. Which weren’t as bad as I expected them to be, I’d say these were the easiest of the series so far, and the rewards were well worth it. Probably took me about an hour and a half to knock these out.

HLshoulders  HLarms

The gear unlockers were found on the second page of “Services” in the marketplace. at 250sc per 5. Here’s what they look like:



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