Orcs, and Dark Elves and Half-Giants – Oh My!

I’ve been a tad busy in RL, and as such haven’t posted(even though I’ve played) for a bit. Quick recap:

1) I made a Varanjar Rogue and took him to his home city – it was even more hardcore than the Orc starting area – and I didn’t receive weapon upgrades from quests by level10 so I was forced to take up blacksmithing to get him his first two dagger upgrades.

2) I made a Dark Elf Bard and took him to his home city – it was actually the easiest of the racial starting areas I’ve seen so far – but Haelifur is a vindictive God.

3) I pushed onward on Raitaro and finished up the solo quests in the Orc starter areas, which I have covered in an earlier post from before the reroll of Raitaro. I got the last piece of my Darkscale armor set – the chest piece. Apparently a helm and shoulders were out of the question.


Here’s how I look in the full set:


I petitioned some GMs, who were quite helpful about transferring my Avaram’s Messenger Bag to Raitaro. Hurray for great customer service: another thing which I didn’t have faith in SoE’s ability to get right. Maybe Smerdtard doesn’t touch Vanguard? 

Note: Orcs are so hardcore, that we run out of solo quests by level12. Insane. 


One thought on “Orcs, and Dark Elves and Half-Giants – Oh My!

  1. Awesome! Happy to see that SOE’s customer support is good in this case. And you’ve convinced me, my next character will definitely start in the hardcore racial starting zone. Whee!

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