Got to get me Lucky Charms!

I’ve got a slew of alts on the “hardcore” path, and the one problem I noticed was that you just can’t get your bracelet of lucky charms in the racial starting areas. Which means, since you can’t go to the IoD after choosing to start in your home area, a trip to one of the Continental Newbie Areas. These are: Shang Village on Kojan, Tursh Village on Thestra, and The Cliffs of Ghelgad(near Khal) on Qalia.

I headed over to Shang Village on Raitaro. This is where i discovered that it’s a rather lengthy proccess getting this bracelet, at least on Kojan. I’ll check into the Qalian and Thestran routes to it later on other alts.

The short of it is that I had to run through pretty much the entire newbie questline that starts in Shang Village, just to get my bracelet. This wasn’t a very big deal to be honest, as Raitaro was level 12 and running this questline took about an hour while gaining me a level. However, for others considering the “hardcore” route there are a few things i should note:

1) Having to go do a bunch of grey quests for a diplomacy wrist is rather annoying.

2) The weapon rewards were upgrades from my racial starter area weapons, which isn’t neccessarily a bad thing – but I can see how some may consider that bothering with the racial starting area may be a waste of time in light of this fact. Personally, I equipped the upgrades and was glad that I didn’t need to craft myself some weapons right away as I had been considering doing for some time.

3) I got a couple of gear upgrades, but not very many and the upgrades weren’t major – which I found surprising. In the interests of still at least looking like a good Orc of clan Martok, I placed the Darkscale pieces which I replaced into the appearance window.

4) The Bracelet is Magically Delicious 😉


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