First off, I’ve never blogged before, but Ockene’s blog(The Late Telonite) inspired me to try my hand at things. Aside from which, it’s great practice for writing reports, as I’ve recently started a new program of study and haven’t written any essays since high school anyway.

Here’s the skinny on me: I’ve been an MMO gamer since 1999, starting with Ultima(As a volunteer tester/contributor to the UOXDev project) and EverQuest(as an insane half-elf rogue named Suldaien). Since then I’ve played pretty much every MMO to hit the market, some much more heavily than others. I was an end-game raid tank, raid lead and officer in WoW – first as a Prot war named Torik, then as a Prot Pally named Ashtoroth, and finally as a Blood DK named Aeris. Then I was an end-game DPS, raid lead and officer in RIFT – as a Rogue named Ashtoroth.

Due to RL reasons I haven’t played hardcore since 2010 and was gone from the MMO scene entirely for most of 2012, now with 2013 I’m revisiting the genre. As of this posting I’m actively playing around on The Secret World and Vanguard. I’ll be making posts on the above games as I play them, and we’ll see how things go from there. Undoubtedly I’ll add or drop games, and be more or less active on the ones I am playing, as the mood strikes me.

A good RL friend of mine and I are planning on playing Elder Scrolls Online when that launches, which may also be subject to change. The two of us go back to WoW and RIFT together, and both played EverQuest back in the day, so our current plan is to get in on ESO with launch and form a raid guild off the bat. We’ll see if and how that goes here as well.


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